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Newer versions of Microsoft Outlook send attachments in a file called "winmail.dat". This is a binary file and unusable with any mail program except M$ Outlook.

You can save the attached winmail.dat and upload it here; the excellent program TNEF will be used to decode it. After that, you can download the attached files. (No need to flame innocent Outlook users anymore because of their moronic mail software. Find another reason to flame them.)

Note: To protect my server, only files of reasonable size (smaller than 4 MB) are accepted. If you need to decode a larger file, please download TNEF and unpack the file yourself.
Also, some older browsers are unable to upload files. If you use such a browser, you will get error messages after you tried to upload. In this case, use a non-broken browser or TNEF.

Privacy note

If you use this service, you transmit your files over the internet and save them on a foreign system. So don't do this if you don't want your data to fall into any other people's hands.

You can use a secure connection to my server for encrypted transmission.

The files need to be saved on my system so you can retrieve them. They are stored in a reasonably safe way so their names can't be guessed and will be deleted automatically on your request or after about 2 hours. I don't intend to look at the files.

If you think that all this is not secure enough for your data, download TNEF and unpack the files yourself.

Free Software

This is Free Software published under the GNU General Public License. You can download it and read the source. You are also free to extend and modify it to suit your needs and install it on your own server if you have more bandwith than my server or just won't store your attachments on a foreign server.
Windows note: I didn't try to run this on Windows. If it works on Windows, please mail me so I can update this information.

You might also want to check out tnefclean.


2001-01-19 16:15  bb

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2001-01-19 16:09  bb

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	(thanks to cvs2cl).  Version 0.0.3

2001-01-19 15:51  bb

	* tnefhandler.php: Updated for tnef 0.16, fixed some exploitable
	filesystem traversal problems

2000-12-22 11:50  cvstest

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