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This files are banned in some parts of the world. However, they aren't in Austria, where this server is. All of them are freely distributable. Some of them are (allegedly) a violation of the US Digital Millenium Copyright Act but there is no such law in Europa. Also, reverse engineering (finding out how a program works) for interoperability is legal in Austria and most of Europe.

Diese Dateien werden in einigen Ländern verfolgt. Aber nicht in Österreich, wo dieser Server steht. Alle dürfen frei vervielfältigt werden. Einige verletzen angeblich das Digital Millenium Copyright Act in den USA, aber in Europa gibt es (noch) keine solchen Gesetze. "Reverse engineering" (herausfinden, wie ein Programm funktioniert) ist in Österreich und vermutlich in ganz Europa legal.

Name Size Description 0.00 MBUNIX shell script that checks if a URL is blocked by the censorwares CyberPatrol, SurfWatch, SmartFilter, WebSense and NetNanny. It needs curl.
It doesn't work on plain Windows because the braindead shell can't escape the characters it doesn't like. It works well with the excellent CygWin bash implementation. 0.00 MBA decoder for the CueCat barcode reader.
This is a clean-room implementation reverse-engineered in the US; however, the company that makes CueCat forced the author to remove it from his site.
cp4break.html 0.14 MBResearch article about the breaking of the encryption of the CyberPatrol censorship program.
It was removed from the original address in Sweden because a judge in the US decided so. 0.35 MBProgram (with source) for encryption research on CyberPatrol 4.
Note: This is the version distributed by the original authors, partly under the GNU General Public License. It is legal to distribute it.
Later versions of cp4break are copyrighted by Mattel and not available. 0.06 MBThis program displays the CYBERsitter master password and enables reconfiguration in case you forgot the password. Alternative method of disabling CYBERsitter.
css.html 0.02 MBCryptoanalysis of the Content Scrambling System used on DVDs. 0.17 MBTool for removing the MacroVision signal from DVD files to enhance their visual quality.
surfkey.exe 0.04 MBUninstall program for the censorship program SurfWatch.
Alternative method for removing SurfWatch.

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