[fwAnalog] Support for new watchguard log format

From: David Hope <dave~AT~davehope.co.uk>
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 15:56:25 CET

Hello all,

Quick query. Has anyone written a filter for the new watchguard (v7) log formats? if not, here's some info on the new format:

All logs start with:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<WGLog source="WFS">
<FWConfig d="2007-02-21T16:17:04" orig="" sn="707602971257B"

There seem to be two types of log entry:

<FWStatus d="2007-02-21T16:17:04" orig="" proc_id="kernel[0]"
disp="deny" policy="default" src_ip="" dst_ip="" pr="TCP" src_port="139" dst_port="4631" src_intf="eth1" dir="out" wgt="2009" tcp_flags="ACK" pckt_len="48" ttl="127" ip_hdr_len="20"/>

<FWDeny d="2007-02-21T16:17:04" orig="" policy="tcp" src_ip="" dst_ip="" pr="TCP" src_port="139" dst_port="4631" type="PcktFltr" dir="out" wgt="168" why="Denied_Service"/>

Log files then end with:


So it looks like they're valid xml files, with fairly self explanitory keys and values. I've taken a brief look over fwanalog.sh - in particular watchguard(). is there any basic documentation out there that explains what the regexps in the function are for? - I'd be happy to write support for the new-ish format if someone doesn't mind helping me along the way?

Unless of course, someone has already added support for the new format :)


Dave Received on Mon Mar 19 15:56:27 2007

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