[fwAnalog] OpenBSD 4.0 compatibility ?

From: <thunderheart~AT~free.fr>
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 14:04:46 CET


i recently installed an OpenBSD 4.0 box and now looking for a log analyzer.

Context :
OpenBSD ... 4.0 GENERIC#0 i386
fwanalog-0.6.4 and fwanalog-0.6.9

The provided sample of fwanalog at
http://tud.at/programm/fwanalog/sample-report.html is the kind of reports i am looking for.

I install fwanalog (and analog) but the opts file provided (fwanalog.opts.openbsd fwanalog.opts.openbsd3) dont seem to support OpenBSD 4. The execution of fwanalog.sh work and produces normal outputs but with no data. Meanwhile, my rules blocked, pass and log lot of packets, confirmed by the supervision of 'pftop' or 'sudo tcpdump -e -ttt -i pflog0'. During the execution, i got the following messages :
-bash-3.1# ./fwanalog.sh
tcpdump: WARNING: snaplen raised from 96 to 116 tcpdump: WARNING: snaplen raised from 96 to 116

and today.html contains :

<span class="gensumtitle">Blocked packets:</span> 0

Does fwanalog not support OpenBSD 4.0 or will it in the future ? In case it will not, can you give some advice for another similar report tool ?


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