[fwAnalog] Re: Avoid running a fwanalog process twice

From: Jérôme Warnier <jwarnier~AT~beeznest.net>
Date: Wed Feb 08 2006 - 13:09:54 CET

Le samedi 04 février 2006 à 17:02 +0100, Emanuele Rocca a écrit :
> tag 292069 pending
> tag 330779 pending
> thanks bts
> Hello,
> the attached patch aims to solve the "two fwanalog process running at
> the same time" problem. It's not exactly what Jerome proposed (for
> instance, there is no check for the conffile used by the running
> fwanalog instance), but it's a start.

In the upstream changelog on the website, we can read this: 2005-02-24 17:59 bb

Is this related to your work?

> I'd be glad to hear what you do think about it before uploading a new
> patched Debian revision of the package which closes the bug.
> And, of course, if you Balázs are planning to release a new upstream of
> fwanalog anytime soon, just let me know so that I'll wait for it before
> uploading.

It seems 0.6.9 is out, yet the website is not really clear about it, the tarball is already available.


> Thanks.
> ciao,
> ema
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