[fwAnalog] Reports not linking to hosts/packets details

From: <caristan~AT~free.fr>
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 09:09:07 CEST

I'm trying to get some hosts reports linked in the main reports with fwanalog (0.6.9 or 0.6.4) under solaris 2.10.
Seems that perl(v5.8.6) don't replace the host name here:

# Replace all hosts with a URL pointing to the separate report $perl -pwi -e \

	"s!(\\d+): ($hostname)\$!\$1: <a href=\"hosts/\$2.html\">\$2</a>!i" \
				$outdir/alldates.html $outdir/lastweek.html $outdir/today.html

While testing/debugging, I have
hostlog=/home/cacti/nids/reports/hosts/ hostname=
and at least this line in $outdir/lastweek.html

<tbody><tr><td class="N">1</td><td class="R">408</td><td class="r"> 3.23%</td><td class="B">149.02</td><td class="D">Jul/19/05 19:59</td><td class="xl"></td></tr>

that should be replaced, but is not. Trying with a simple file like this : "2:", the host is replaced. I never used perl, but this looks like a match for the sample report of fwanalog homepage?

Thx for any answer. Received on Thu Jul 21 09:10:19 2005

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