[fwAnalog] FWAnalog seems to stop working

From: <MMoenter~AT~signaturebankna.com>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 15:20:06 CEST

Hello....we've been trying to run FWAnalog for the last week but we're having difficulties. Our Cisco PIX firewall is sending its syslog to a file called firewall. From there FWAnalog is supposed to be reading the file however it seems FW only runs for a little bit of time (sometimes a few hours, sometimes half a day) then stops. Today is Wednesday and it appears the last time it worked was Monday evening. Here's what the top of our screen says:
Program started at Wed, Jun 29 2005 09:00. Analyzed blocked packets from Mon, Jun 27 2005 16:09 to Mon, Jun 27 2005 17:18 (0.05 days).
We have FW setup in cron to run every 15 minutes. We've not customized any of the settings outside of the analog.opts file to tell it to read the firewall file. If you read the firewall file, it contains information up to the current time but FW does not seem to be reading it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Matt Moenter

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