[fwAnalog] fwanalog.sh refuses to detect analog's version

From: Olaf Lautenschlaeger (ol~AT~anova.de)
Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 15:31:35 CEST

Hi again,

don't know if it's helpful but I found out this:

When we do

analog --help >analog.out 2>&1

instead of

analog --help 2>&1 >analog.out

we get analog's output captured into analog.out as expected.

Until lately, I thought that order does not matter here, or even though, the second style would make more sense then.

But, as far I can read (and understand) the fwanalog.sh, the call to get analog's version is done the second way.

I'ts actually beyond my knowledge of bash syntax how to revert the order of invoking output redirection. Can anybody help please? Is there any sort of parenthesis that allows placing  the "2>&1" directive somewhere behind the "|" chain?

(For your comfort, here goes line 220 of fwanalog.sh:)

analogver=`$analog --help 2>&1 \
| $grep "This is analog version" \
| $sed {voodoo}`

Does no one other have my problem?

Olaf Lautenschlaeger

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