[fwAnalog] fwanalog.sh refuses to detect analog's version

From: Olaf Lautenschlaeger (ol~AT~anova.de)
Date: Wed Mar 23 2005 - 16:29:29 CET

Hi all,

I stumbled into a strange problem after invoking the support/daily-report.sh script via crontab (after properly customizing it to my needs).
I got mail from cron that was spit out by these lines in fwanalog.sh:

if ["X$analogver" = "X"]; then
  echo "fwanalog: Analog's version could not be..."

It turned out that analog seems to refuse it's stderror output to be piped. Analog is found properly within PATH. When calling it with

analog --help

it returns it's "This is analog version 5.32/Unix...For help...", but when calling

analog --help 2>&1 >analog.out

I still can see Analog's output on the console while analog.out remains empty.

As a workaround, I have now analogver="5" in fwanalog.sh (instead of the grep/sed voodoo in front of the line cited above).

However, this behaviour is very strange for me. What the hell can break the piping scheme of a program in such a way on a SuSE Linux 7.3?

TIA Olaf Lautenschlaeger

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