[fwAnalog] DNS Question

From: Mike Brown (brownm1970~AT~hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Oct 07 2004 - 04:14:07 CEST

I am only getting resolution on about 1 out of every 500 addresses. I can't tell if this is a fwanalog issue or an analog issue. I guess it would have to be an analog issue but I'm not sure how to solve it. This is what I know:

  1. When first run, it takes a VERY long time to build the analog-domains.tab file but it does build it. However almost all the entries have * for the resolved name.
  2. I can run the Apache logresolve program on the fwanalog.all.log file and it will find nearly all the addresses and resolve them. Hence I don't believe I have any inherent DNS issues on the box.

I guess I could add this step (running logresolve) to the fwanalog script but it seems like it would be a nightmare. It would not use the .tab cache file which means it would take forever to run each time. I also don't know how to tell analog to use the resolved names inside of the fwanalog.all.log file (perhaps it is smart enough to figure out that they are already resolved).

Could this be a timeout issue? Is there something I could tweak to adjust that?


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