[fwAnalog] Fwanalog on Watchguard Firebox

From: Steven Schnee (slider2717~AT~hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 22:17:15 CEST

Hello all,

I looked over all the previous postings and did not see anything on Watchguard. I am using analog 5.32 and fwanalog 0.6.4 on Red Hat 7.3.

I have tried running fwanalog on the following logfiles:

logfiles with the .wgl extension
logfiles that were exported to text via Historical Reports utility logfiles that were sent to Syslog via Log_Local0

The logfiles have thousands of entries with both accepts and drops. I changed the fwanalog.opts.watchguard file to fwanalog.opts.

When I run the fwanalog script it takes 1 second and does not produce errors. It does produce a report that contains the following:

Block statistics of your firewall created by fwanalog 0.6.4

General Summary

Blocked packets: 0

This analysis was produced by analog 5.32

In addition to reviewing proior postings I have also attempted many google searched with little results. Has anyone had success with Firebox logs? The text export is comma delimited, so is there a fwanalog config file that I can edit to tell it what fields are in my logfile?


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