[fwAnalog] How do I access results on a LAN?

From: Jeff Cunningham (jeffrey~AT~cunningham.net)
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 19:10:48 CEST

I have fwanalog set up on my firewall box between a LAN and the outside world. It runs great, but, of course, the results are left on the firewall box in /root/fwanalog.out. I am not running a web server. What is the preferred way to access this? What I've been doing is tarring up the fwanalog.out directory (as root via ssh), scp'ing it back to my work desktop on the lan and then viewing it there. I'd like to automate that somehow. I can think of a number of clumsy ways of doing it and figure I'm re-inventing the wheel here. How is it normally done?


Jeffrey Cunningham

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