[fwAnalog] New to list: FW-1 question

From: salgak~AT~speakeasy.net
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 17:28:41 CEST

According to Barad's fwanalog page, it supports FW-1, but NOT FW-1 NG.

Is that still the case ?

IF so, has anyone managed to tweak things that NG logs CAN be parsed ?

I'm new to PERL, and have to get a parsing solution in place for an admin who had to be TOLD what a firewall WAS in the first place (OK, he knew what it DID, in a most basic sense, but knew nothing of rules, etc. . .)

And thanks to that, I've got over a gig of logs to analyse ALREADY. . .(g)

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