[fwAnalog] About separate hosts and packets reports

From: Jose Luis Vińas (vinas_jlu~AT~gva.es)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2004 - 15:18:49 CET


I set the "sep_hosts" and "sep_packets" to true. The first global report (today, week, ...) after I did it, I got the hosts and packets blocked were linked to the individual reports. But in the next global report, the hosts and packets were not linked to the specific reports.

I would like to get the hosts and packets linked, without add the host/packets parameter when I call fwanalog.sh cause I want to see a separete report for all the hosts/packets blocked.

Any suggestions ??

I manage my firewall (iptables & Red Hat 9) with fwbuilder. If I log any ACCEPT rule, fwanalog is able to know this ?? Or is the packet that match that rule considered as a blocked packet ??

Thanks a lot.

Jose L.

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