[fwAnalog] Problem generating reports

From: Adam (blueeskimo~AT~gmx.net)
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 05:53:43 CET

I installed fwanalog 0.6.3 and analog 5.32 on FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE (from ports), and I'm having problems generating reports.

I edited my fwanalog.opts as follows:
you want inputfiles_dir="/var/log"
outdir="/home/eskimo/fwanalog/fwanalog.out" logformat="ipf"

I also edited fwanalog.analog.conf.local to reflect my website URL, but this couldn't really cause problems creating the report.

Other than that, I haven't edited anything (including analog.cfg).

My /var/log/ipf has read permissions to everyone (it's only me that uses the box), and the output directory has full write permissions to me. I run 'fwanalog' as me, and it creates the fwanalog.out folder, but it doesn't look like it parsed my firewall log.

Here's my today.txt:
Block statistics of your firewall, created by fwanalog 0.63

General Summary

Blocked packets: 0

This analysis was produced by analog 5.32.

I attached a sample of my /var/log/ipf.

Anyone know what I might be doing wrong here? There doesn't seem to be anything else to do, but obviously I'm missing something. I'm stumped.

Thanks for your help.


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