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Date: Sun Jan 11 2004 - 07:34:47 CET


> trimming fwanalog.all.log every once in awhile to keep it's growth under
> control?

That can be a good idea if you are running out of disk space or the fwanalog run times are too high. If not, it's nicer not to throw away historic information.

> I guess. If I tell it to just report against all the log files I
> collect in a directory, then it will do day 1 one day, then day one AND
fwanalog keeps its old data in fwanalog.all.log. You need only the current logfiles from your firewall to add to it. So as long as you have the one week old data in your fwanalog.all.log, fwanalog will be able to generate weekly logs.

> Lots of duplicate lines will be created. Is this where I need to use
that happens if `find` doesn't list the files in the right order.

Normally, the files are listed like this:



Of course, here messages.1.gz is the oldest file, messages.0 newer, and messages is current.

If you use logfile-20040110, logfile-2004011 etc., the file with the higher date is newer.


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