[fwAnalog] fwanalog.all.log too big

From: Micha Silver (Micha~AT~arava.co.il)
Date: Tue Oct 14 2003 - 13:54:46 CEST


My firewall logs (Shorewall FW) cycle once a day, and they are between 6 MB and 20 MB (gzipped).
In my fwanalog.opts I have...
inputfiles_mtime="3" # How old the logfiles can be ... so fwanalog should be reading only the last 3 logs.

I had fwanalog running as a cron job each night (after the logrotate). The fwanalog.all.log has reached 2.2 GB (!) and fwanalog no longer finishes its nightly run. No new html pages are created and the *.png do not get updated.

Should I just delete the fwanalog.all.log periodically ??

TIA --Micha

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