[fwAnalog] How to differentiate outgoing and ingoing blocked packets with fw analog?

From: Licher, Ansgar (A.Licher~AT~mbn.de)
Date: Thu Sep 04 2003 - 15:03:16 CEST

Hi *,

when looking at the fwanalog-generated reports, I found out, that the report about blocked packets not only shows blocked packets, that came from the outside world to my firewall, the reports also show the number of blocked packets from the inner side (direction outside world), not to say, the whole firewall traffic.

Since this is interesting with regard to have a look at the overall traffic, I would like to have all the regular reports _without_ the blocked traffic from inside to outside. Exactly, for some cases, I would like to have those reports with the whole _blocked traffic from the outside only_.

So far so good, but I didn´t find any possibilties to configure fwanalog to report blocked incoming traffic only.

Is there anybody who can help with some ideas or suggestions?

Thanx in advance!


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