[fwAnalog] pass rules are listed as blocked?

From: Billy Newsom (billy~AT~nlcc.us)
Date: Thu Jun 26 2003 - 01:39:11 CEST

Are things that are being passed (and logged) included in the analog report? If so, I guess this kind of defeats why I needed a logfile analyzer! I'm trying to selectively ignore blocked or passed packets in my firewall.

Is there an option that will either ignore passed packets or blocked packets?

For example:
25/06/2003 17:41:50.257679 ep0 ~AT~0:29 p,50793 ->,25 PR tcp len 20 40 -AF K-S IN
25/06/2003 17:41:50.257800 ep0 ~AT~0:29 p,25 ->,50793 PR tcp len 20 40 -AF K-S OUT
25/06/2003 17:41:50.325722 3x ep0 ~AT~0:29 p,50793 ->,25 PR tcp len 20 40 -R K-S IN 25/06/2003 17:50:14.223721 ep0 ~AT~0:41 b,49988 ->,113 PR tcp len 20 60 -S IN
25/06/2003 17:50:14.234160 ep0 ~AT~0:41 b,49989 ->,113 PR tcp len 20 60 -S IN

In this example, I passed SMTP mail packets in/out of my server at port 25. (Rule 0:29) I log this because I like to know who has been mailing me!

I then blocked two packets directed at port 113 -- it looks like a port scan. (Rule 0:41)

Now, won't I want to show these things on two different Analog reports? One for passed, one for blocked? Is the "p" and "b" something you ignore?? It shouldn't be.

Maybe what I need is a parser that will toss out all of the "p" lines from the logfile, or all of the "b" lines. Can anyone help? After I parse them, won't I need two different output folders, or two config files? As for replacing the word "block" with "pass" -- that looks hard.


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