[fwAnalog] Problem with PIX syslog files

From: Robin Brown (robin_brown~AT~totalcomm.com)
Date: Thu Mar 06 2003 - 23:09:36 CET

Anyone successfully using this for Pix syslog files form a 6.2(2) version firewall? I have tried both the fwanalog-0.6.2 and fwanalog-0.6.3pre5 versions of fwanalog with the same result. Running on RedHat 7.2 with analog-5.30-1 installed.

I have 2 different firewalls logging to 2 different files. One generates output in the output directory just fine, but the second one does not. The fwanalog.all.log file is zero length on the broken one. No errors are generated when the fwanalog.sh script is run.

The 2 input files are not different other than logging for different networks, they log back to the same syslog server.

Any ideas? What other information should I provide?

Thanks and regards,

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