Re: [fwAnalog] No output on Solaris 2.8

From: Jet \(\) (\(\))
Date: Wed Mar 05 2003 - 02:31:23 CET

I've the similar problem before.
Just check with you, where is the analog binary file? If the analog is located at /usr/local/bin, then most likely is the same problem as mine.

You can try this, add the path to the environment variable PATH for analog in the script (or the crontab script). The actual problem is, when the fwanalog script is executed, it merely create the header and never update the content when it cannot find the analog (instead of report an error).


  I have been trying to establish fwanalog on a Sun Box running solaris 8. However, each time I run the app, the html files get updated but are completely blank except for the header and footer html. I changed shbang to BASH and checked analog; which seems to be working. I do not have zegrep on my box, however, but I changed the zegrep call to 'grep -c' which should work on compressed files. I don't even know if zegrep is necessary since I am not trying it with compressed logs anyway. Any insights would be appreciated.    

  Here is a snippet of the log file I running fwanalog against:

  Dec 19 00:02:13 apf ipmon[225]: 00:02:13.458343 qfe4 ~AT~0:10 b,31852 ->,162 PR udp len 20 179

  Dec 19 00:02:14 apf ipmon[225]: 00:02:14.041573 qfe4 ~AT~0:31 b -> PR icmp len 20 84 icmp 8/0

  Dec 19 00:02:14 apf ipmon[225]: 00:02:14.042523 qfe4 ~AT~0:31 b -> PR icmp len 20 84 icmp 8/0

  Dec 19 00:02:14 apf ipmon[225]: 00:02:14.489302 qfe4 ~AT~0:10 b,31858 ->,162 PR udp len 20 179

  Dec 19 00:02:15 apf ipmon[225]: 00:02:14.984792 qfe4 ~AT~0:10 b,31861 ->,162 PR udp len 20 179        

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