[fwAnalog] Empty output from fwanalog under Mandrake Linux 8.2

From: Keiran McManus (Keiran.McManus~AT~ite.com.au)
Date: Wed Jul 24 2002 - 08:55:06 CEST

I have run fwanalog-0.61 on two different Linux distributions: Red Hat 7.3 where it performed flawlessly, and Mandrake 8.2 where it simply produces empty report files which only seem to have headings in them.

Analog seems to run correctly on the Mandrake system.

It seems that fwanalog sets up variables for in the .opts file for "gzcat" and "zegrep"
The Mandrake system does not have gzcat, or zegrep (it does have a zgrep), I have modified the zegrep variable to use the zgrep binary, but I do not know if this is sufficient. Fwanalog produces no error messages about this.

I have provided a single uncompressed log file for fwanalog to work with, on the assumption that gzcat has something to do with compression, and this is my attempt to get around that.

Does anyone have experience with a situation like this.

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