[fwAnalog] fwanalog 0.5pre released

From: Balázs Bárány (balazs~AT~tud.at)
Date: Wed Feb 06 2002 - 00:10:32 CET


I released a development version of fwanalog with the following changes:
- Support for ipf on Solaris 8.0

Log Prefix Report

Listing log prefixes, sorted by the number of blocked packets.
#blocks: %bytes: log prefix
-------: ------: ----------
    106: 47.00%: unspecified
     84: 44.23%: unspecified_in
     14:  6.58%: badhost
      5:  2.19%: spoofed

You can download the new version from http://tud.at/programm/fwanalog/ , or read the changelog, or look at the changes in the CVS.

This version should be used with care; I have only tested it with my configurations (iptables and OpenBSD 3.0) so things could be broken.

If I don't receive negative feedback, I will release the real 0.5 in about a week or after having corrected the bugs.


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