[fwAnalog] configuration question

From: David Mitchell (davidm~AT~coop-cdc.com)
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 07:49:40 CEST

Good day, Blázas & all

I just installed fwanalog 0.2 and am getting daily log reports from my iptables firewall (linux 2.4.2 iptables 1.2). As you can see from the excerpt below, most of the log entries are discarded as corrupt. This seems to be because they don't have the MAC= field.

Only a few entries in the log contain MAC= data. What am I doing wrong?

General Summary

Blocked packets: 8
Average blocked packets per day: 15
Distinct blocked packets: 3
Distinct hosts blocked: 3
Corrupt logfile lines: 3,339
Unwanted logfile entries (because of a date range, EXCLUDE etc.): 10 Size of all dropped packets together: 384 bytes Average size of dropped packets per day: 866 bytes


David Mitchell

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