Re: [fwAnalog] fwanalog 0.2 released

From: Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt (
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 23:27:31 CEST

On Wednesday 18 April 2001 21:52, Balázs Bárány wrote:

> It can be downloaded from

And in a few days, it can be apt-get'ed if you run Debian Unstable :) In the meantime, fetch it from

The Debian version also supports ipchains (of course), and should be /very/ install-friendly now, due to a bunch of debconf-questions. Also, it should support any Analog version, since it generates its .lng file at install-time

Balázs: Expect a Danish translation Any Time Now - as soon as I get some time, I'll translate it.


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