[fwAnalog] fwanalog 0.2 released

From: Balázs Bárány (balazs~AT~tud.at)
Date: Wed Apr 18 2001 - 21:52:48 CEST

[Bcc-ed to some people. I haven't subscribed you to the mailing list behind your back. Please subscribe to the list if you want to stay updated about fwanalog; I will send future announcements only to the mailing list.]


I just released version 0.2 of fwanalog.

It can be downloaded from http://tud.at/programm/fwanalog/

New features:
- Linux 2.2 ipchains support (tested with 17 MB of logs)

Also, I fixed some bugs, made the output prettier, corrected some unclear descriptions, and updated the documentation.


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