Re: [fwAnalog] Output format

From: Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 00:40:29 CEST

On Friday 13 April 2001 23:27, Balázs Bárány wrote:
> Take a look at the other reports. Do they still make sense?

Yes. The "Packet Source Host Report" shows all the hosts which have been blocked, in most-blocks-first order.
"Organization" is fine, "Domain" is fine, and "Hourly Summary" looks fine too. So do Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

"Packet Size" looks fine, too.
"Interface" is a bit dull - only one interface (eth1)
"Source port" is good too.

I /think/ that all the reports are fine. Do you want me to send a copy, so you can look at it?


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