[fwAnalog] Bug using ppp0

From: Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt (kenneth~AT~bitnisse.dk)
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 10:25:36 CEST

Hehe, my first post, and I'm already reporting bugs :)

Well, my problem is - after debianizing the package, I tried installing it at a friend of mine. He's also an ADSL-user, but he's connected via pppd, which means his outgoing interface is ppp0. The bug lies in the fact, that ppp0 doesn't have a MAC address, and therefore the line using perl doesn't convert the "original" log (w/year) to analog-format - it simply copies the input to the output. This of course also makes analog choke (a lot!). Right now, he's just using a quick hack with sed just before the perl "script", but since I'm no perl monk, I thought I'd rather report the bug than trying to fix it.

Yours truly
Kenneth Vestergaard Schmidt

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